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Owner: Beverly Vollaire Ferro


Old Made Quilts started in 1995 and we began by selling vintage feedsacks, fabrics and antique quilts. We were lucky to be called to bid on a large supply of feedsacks that belonged to the Props department of the Fried Green Tomatoes movie crew. Apparently, their prop people had secured feedsacks while filming in Georgia and upon completion, the warehouse went up for auction and we were lucky enough to purchase these fine textiles. We have had, I am sure, the largest collection of feedsacks in the country. We have traveled to many quilt shows throughout California and recently have ventured as far as Paducah, Kentucky and Houston, Texas. We’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way. Our business was also featured on HGTV’S “Simply Quilts” with Alex Anderson.

I took a beginning quilting class and found I couldn’t do the quilting stitch so Tiger Tape, a guide for evenly spaced stitches, was born. Now we are also wholesalers selling to many Distributors, Quilt Shops as well as Jo-Ann Stores. We unveiled a new tape this last Market in Kansas City, Missioui. It’s called Big Stitch Style Tiger Tape. It’s for Hand quilting and uses a size 5 between needle and pearl cotton size8 thread. You can take bigger stitches and finish your projects in half the time. There’s something “special” about a hand quilted quilt. You’ll see this new tape in our store. Tiger Tape comes in many sizes with many different applications.

We have enjoyed the journey that has led us this far. And a few years ago, we purchased some property in the Carolinas. This property is on the National Registry of Historic Homes and has a Grist Mill, 2 Victorian homes, a nine-acre pond, a creek that runs through the 75 acres and many outbuildings. It needs lots of work but this venture will be the new temporary home for Old Made Quilts. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Beverly Vollaire Ferro is a third generation quilter and is the owner and creator of Tiger Tape™, a hand quilting guide for evenly spaced stitches. Tiger Tape has been featured in QuiltMaker Magazine, Quilters Newsletter Magazine and many others as a “Gotta Have” notion. One of the largest collector of vintage feedsacks, gives lectures on feedsacks and rag rug making and demonstrations on making rag rugs. She has been a guest on HGTVs “Simply Quilts. Old Made Quilts travels the quilt show circuit and can be seen at many locations (see Show Schedule for a list of shows).Lives part time in Santa Barbara, CA and part time on the East Coast on an 1850’s property with long time love Tod!

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